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I began seeing Anca years ago for fertility issues and experienced her as friendly, knowledgeable and possessing a comfortable office. Two children later, I now see her for general acupuncture needs and massage. She continues to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle and a sense of relaxation.

/  Jodi K  /


With the help with Anca and her amazing needles, I am pregnant and due in May! I owe a great deal to Anca.

/  Emily C /


When I met Anca I was met with an open genuine deep rooted sense of concern for me and my health.

/  David R  /


“I was first referred to Anca in 2009 when I was having difficulty getting pregnant. We developed rapport right away. Anca has an easy going personality with a very straight forward style. I trust what Anca says. When she confidently stated, "you'll have a baby," I believed her. Over the course of the next year with regular acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I still wasn't pregnant, though Anca had suspected that I was on a number of occasions (based on pulses, etc). I had some testing done, and it became clear that I needed surgery to make my body hospitable for pregnancy. I continued with acupuncture and herbs and had the surgery. I was pregnant on the next cycle. I continued with Anca through the first trimester. I now have a three year old boy. (Anca also knew I was having a boy!)

Fast forward to last Fall, I returned to Anca in hopes of having another baby. We picked up where we left off with the relationship. Of course, I am older now with a different fertility profile, and Anca is treating who I am now. She has incorporated more functional medicine and western herbs into her practice, which is serving me well. Based on her recommendation, I started taking a supplement to boost fertility and decrease anxiety. I am markedly less anxious. I don't worry and ruminate on things like I once did. I still have long to-do lists, but I don't constantly run them through my head, worrying and stressed. I'd assume this also increases fertility, and, even if it didn't, it has greatly improved my life. I highly recommend Anca.” -Amy L

“I met Anca shortly after my second miscarriage. I was broken hearted and had lost hope in having a child of my own. Finding no comfort with doctors, who gave me a prescription to try again, I found myself overwhelmed with sadness, alone, and misunderstood. Then I met Anca. For the first time I felt my feelings about my infertility acknowledged with an unspoken understanding of what I was going through. I knew then that I had found someone special, someone that offered me hope in the journey that I was on, no matter how it ended.

I began seeing Anca weekly. My visits with her were something that I looked forward to and noticeably felt better each time I met with her. As time progressed, I felt stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. She had helped me piece myself back together and to find the courage try to conceive again.

She believed in me, and in turn, I believed in myself. I knew that no matter what happened, Anca was going to be there with me every step of the way.

We conceived in our first month and I was as terrified as I was ecstatic. The first phone call I made to share the news was to Anca who immediately helped put my fears at ease. I continued to see her every week throughout my pregnancy. In the first trimester, she calmed my fears and doubts that I would miscarry again. Every time I saw Anca I felt reassured that everything was going to be just fine. Making it to the second trimester, each time I entered Anca’s office she had so much excitement over my growing belly that even my deepest fears would fade away and I too could feel only excitement. I looked forward to my visit each week because it was the only time where I didn’t feel like I had a medical condition (pregnancy) but that I really was going to have a baby. By the third trimester, my growing belly had resulted in serious back problems. Anca came to the rescue again. I struggled to walk into her office feeling pain with every step and walked out of her office with relief.

When labor came, about 16 hours into it while I was still at home, I called Anca for help. While I was not progressing, I was contracting and was getting worn down from the pain. Anca came to my house and used both acupuncture and massage to ease the pain. I don’t know exactly how long she stayed with me, but I do know that she stayed as long as I asked her to. She was her wonderful self as always, providing encouragement and helping me find my own strength. Many hours later, on October 12th 2009, my daughter arrived safely into this world.

I’ve been asked what made the difference to make this pregnancy successful, and I tell people that I don’t know if it was because Anca healed me emotionally, physically or spiritually, I do know that the difference was most certainly Anca. She was instrumental in my journey to receive the gift of life in a child, and in the process, she saved mine.

I will forever be grateful to have met Anca and often think of her when tears fill my eyes as I gaze upon my daughter and reflect upon how much sadness she has wiped away and how much love she has replaced it with.” -Valerie

“After two ectopic pregnancies in one year, my doctor suggested my husband and I try IVF. I tried to stay positive, but it became increasingly difficult the more time we spent at the fertility clinic.

I became more depressed and felt terribly alone; I started to think that I was just one of those people not meant to have children. The IVF process was sterile and the staff at the clinic was less than empathetic. I thought that, of all places, this would be somewhere that people would be understanding and supportive. Instead, I was rushed through the entire process and was made to feel inadequate. I felt like more of a statistic than a human being.

Never one to put all my trust in anyone, especially medical professionals, I started doing my own research. The statistics of improved success with IVF when combined with acupuncture were everywhere. I read many stories of women who had become pregnant with the help of Eastern medicine. I was surprised no one at the fertility clinic had told me anything about this so I called them for referrals. One name on the list was Anca’s.

I looked at this very same site and read the stories like the one I am writing now. They gave me hope when I needed it the most and I called Anca the next morning on my way to work. I was halfway through the IVF process when I had my first appointment with her.

The first meeting lasted two hours. Anca conducted a review of my health and medical history that was more thorough and accurate than any doctor I have ever met with. She asked questions that let me know not only that she knew what she was doing, but that she cared.

She was professional and nurturing; she put me at ease immediately.

In the end, the IVF failed and the process left me feeling broken. After only one attempt, the doctor actually suggested I look into egg donors or adoption. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Anca, on the other hand, was optimistic. She asked that I wait three cycles before I try anything else because she believed that with her combination of acupuncture and personalized herbal therapies, she could help me achieve a viable pregnancy naturally despite my history.

I went to Anca once a week, took the herbs she prescribed and started recording my basal temperature. It was amazing how she could look at my temperature chart or feel my pulses and diagnose so many problems. Each week, I felt more encouraged and more in control of my fertility. I looked forward to my appointments; I left each one feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and positive. Over the course of treatment, Anca became a confidant, ally and friend.

Ultimately, it took only two cycles. I found out I was pregnant and immediately called Anca. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and she told me early on that I was having a girl. She was correct—my daughter was born in February 2006.

My husband and I swear by acupuncture. We have turned numerous friends onto it, all of whom have gone on to become pregnant. We are so grateful to Anca for all of her help and support. She gave us the most precious gift in the world: our beautiful daughter.” -Penny

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